The Top Three Reasons to Choose a Custom Home

Your house is far more than just a building. It’s the place you seek refuge after a tough day at work, the place you invite all of your friends to celebrate special events, and the place where you will raise your family and rest your head every night. So you deserve to have a house that meets all of your wishes and needs, not a house that you can “settle” for because it’s the best that you can find. There’s no better way to guarantee your perfect home than to custom build with a company that you trust.

custom home

Everything Is Your Choice
As the word “custom” implies, you can choose even the smallest details of your newly constructed home. This has cosmetic, financial, and personal advantages all wrapped into one. Cosmetically, you can work with your builder to create a stunning home that’s really more a masterpiece by the end. You don’t have to settle for laminate kitchen flooring when you want stone, and the curved staircase that you’d always dreamed of is yours.

Financially, a Tampa custom home means that you won’t need to spend any extra money on renovations, DIY projects, and unexpected upkeep. Everything will be completed to your exact specifications and ready for you to start enjoying immediately!

Personally, you are able to create the atmosphere that feels most comfortable to you. Some people buy houses off the market but never actually feel comfortable in their own home because the home’s construction design and engineering choices don’t mesh well with their own needs and personality. WIth a custom built home, you know that you will be moving into a home that feels just like it should.

Limited Maintenance
When a home is custom built, every single element receives careful attention to detail. There are no shortcuts, no appliances on their last life, and no unpleasant hidden surprises. You will live in a house that is built to stay in perfect condition for years to come, without the headaches of renovations and unexpected repairs.

Build Around Your Budget
Many people equate custom-built homes to high prices, but that isn’t necessarily true. By choosing the added design elements of your home, you can cut costs in certain respects while still achieving the design that you envision. Your builder will work with you to build within a certain budget so you can have your dream home while still balancing your finances.

For something as important and long-term as a house, why settle? See available homes in Tampa here.

How Important is Water Filtration?

Clean running water is something that many people across the country take for granted as they wash their dishes, brush their teeth, and take their showers. But the truth is that reliably clean and accessible water has only been a widespread privilege within the last century or two. As cities become bigger and suburbs expand, plumbing systems across the country have had to keep up and not only provide water round the clock but also clean and purify that water for human consumption.

Given the extensive amount of pollution on our Earth that ranges from chemical waste and acid rain to fossil fuel exhaust, everybody should be cautious when it comes to making assumptions about water quality and safety. A water filter is an incredibly simple and affordable way to guarantee that you and your family members are drinking water that is safe and free of all contaminants.

Water Filters Explained

water filtration

Incredibly enough, the first water filters were designed about 4,000 years ago. Today’s modern versions are far more sophisticated than the cloth sleeves used in ancient Greece.

Filters use something called a ‘filter media’ to block contaminants from passing through with the water. There are many types of medias but carbon medias are the most frequently used since they can remove a higher proportion of contaminants. This is the same concept that plumbers use to recommend new Clearwater water softeners to homeowners.

As water flows through a carbon media filter, the bonds of the water contaminants actually break apart and the molecules bond with the carbon instead of with the water’s hydrogen and oxygen. If you’ve ever used a Brita filter you are probably familiar with the length of time it takes to complete just one cycle of filtered water. This length of time can be attributed to the care it takes to strip water of its many impurities.

Some other methods of purification, like distillation and reverse osmosis, produce water that is free of contaminants but also free of valuable minerals. In fact, filtration is one of just three forms of water purification that is proven to effectively remove dangerous VOCs and chlorine from water without removing minerals as well.

Finding the Right Filter

Filters can be found to work on large and small scales. Brita filters and other pitcher-sized systems are most popular for families because they can stay in the fridge or be fitted over a faucet for effective use that isn’t intrusive or too expensive. Talk to your Clearwater plumber to determine the exact needs of your home based on your water quality.

Can Palm Trees Be Saved From Disease?

palm treesHuman beings aren’t the only ones on Earth prone to disease and injury. It is all too easy for trees to suffer from damaging diseases that can cause issues ranging from fungi to death. Palm tree services in particular have a certain set of needs that must be met in order to either prevent disease or support full recovery.

Why Do Palm Trees Get Sick?
Just as human illness derives from a myriad of sources, there is no one single cause of tree disease.

Too much or too little water can harm a palm tree for obvious reasons. Over-watering causes yellow and brown leaves that fall off before they are even dry, but dehydrated palm leaves become dry when they turn brown. The best way to ensure proper water supply for your palm tree is to use 30 percent sand in the soil for efficient drainage. Since palms grow in the summer, lighten up on watering during the winter months.

The wrong fertilizer applications can also cause damage that leads to disease. Low quality fertilizer, for instance, lacks the nutrients necessary to provide a palm tree with healthy development and leaves the tree susceptible to diseases. But when you do apply high quality fertilizer, don’t do so within two feet of the palm’s trunk to avoid fertilizer burn, which weakens the palm’s ability to fight disease, fungi, and insects.

Other issues like climate, sun exposure, drought, and over-pruning leave palms vulnerable and hurt as well. It’s important to only plant palm trees that can survive in your environment, which explains why you probably won’t see many palm trees on your next visit to Pennsylvania or Vermont.

Can Diseased Trees Be Saved?
It’s possible that you tried your best, but your tree still succumbed to disease. Your best option is to call a Tampa landscaping company professional or arborist, who will be able to diagnose your problem and recommend the best solution.

Unfortunately, some palm trees cannot be saved. There are certain airborne fungal infections, for instance, that are essentially a death sentence for palm trees. Your best bet is to call in an expert and see what options exist.

How to Choose the Perfect Home Insurance Company?

home-insurancePurchasing or building a home is always the dream of everyone. People make many adjustments and sacrifices in life as they want to make a home which they can call their home. When you have worked hard for building or purchasing a home of your own, you also think about the possibility if a disaster or natural calamities which can damage your home. Taking a homeowner’s insurance policy seems to be the best option so that even if the disaster strikes or your home is damaged or destroyed, you will be able to rebuild it with the insurance money.

However, if you are not careful while choosing a home insurance company, you may not beHome-Insurance-Protection successful in building your home again after it is damaged. Many times insurance companies dealing with the home insurance, do not follow on the promises made by them when you took the insurance policy for your home. Many homeowners have experienced that even after diligently paying the premium for their home insurance policy, the insurance companies are not ready to settle the complete amount of the claim and they give various reasons for the same. This means that you may have to get into a legal battle with these insurance companies to receive what is rightfully yours.

If you want to avoid all this drama, then you have to be careful about choosing the insurance company to purchase an insurance policy for your home. You can use some of the tips or precautions while choosing the insurance company so that, you will not be cheated at the time of claim settlement.

Home-Insurance-And-The-ContentsTips for choosing a home insurance company

  • Find and compare many insurance companies on the basis of reviews given on their websites or from the personal discussions with your friends and family.
  • It is important to note that it is not necessary that the cheapest insurance policy will be the best. You should compare the policies on the basis of insurance cover provided by them.
  • Ensure that the insurance company has agood reputation in the market as well as according to the policyholders. You must check the policyholders’ reviews on the process of claim settlement by the insurance company.
  • You can also inquire about various offers and discounts which are generally offered by the insurance companies. Such discounts can make a difference for you in terms of monthly premiums.
  • If you protect your home with some smoke alarms, sprinkler systems, and deadbolts then you may get adiscounton the premiums. So you can go for those insurance companies which will give you better insurance cover with discounts in premiums.

It is very important that you should have a home insurance policy for your home. If you don’t have an insurance policy or you are underinsured, then you may not be able to rebuild your home if it is damaged. If you don’t have a home insurance policy, then rebuilding your home may result in a financial problem for you. If you want to avoid this, purchase anadequate insurance policy for your home and make sure that you are purchasing it from a reputable insurance company.

What is the Best Auto Insurance for Teens?

Best Auto Insurance for TeensAsk any parent, and he or she will tell you that a child’s teenage years are some of the most stressful. The fact that teens can start driving at the age of 16 only adds to this stress. Given that teenagers tend to drive with friends in the car, loud music playing, and other distracting behavior, in addition to the fact that they don’t have a great deal of experience driving quite yet, insurance rates for teens are significantly higher than other age groups.

It’s usually the case that a teenager does not own his own car outright, but rather uses a parent’s car or at the very least has a parent co-sign for the car. This means that car insurance is obtained through the parent’s policy, and not the teen individually. Despite the consistently higher prices for Ontario high risk car insurance, there are certain measures that can limit the sting of the premium price.

Many car insurance companies offer good student discounts, typically to students with at least a B average. Teens who take driver’s education courses, both on the road and in the classroom, can achieve an even bigger discount for proving their responsibility. The extra training not only brings instant savings but also strengthens driving skills and safety in the future.

Teens and parents can also seek lower insurance rates by buying practical cars with top safety ratings. While new, flashy cars may look nice, they are categorized as a higher risk level and thus a higher price point for Canada insurance policy premiums. Multi-vehicle discounts can help as well, in addition to skipping out on collision and/or comprehensive coverage if the car isn’t financed and doesn’t make financial sense to cover so thoroughly.

Teen drivers themselves can keep prices as low as possible simply by driving safely. Speeding, getting distracted, and failing to keep proper distance from other cars are all mistakes that result in accidents, and accidents send premium prices soaring. Careful, purposeful driving will always pay off!

Secrets to Teaching Children to Swim Safely

When the thermostat starts to creep above 75 degrees, children are immediately ready to jump in the pool and splash around. If you live in southern state, the swimming season comes earlier and lasts longer, so it’s important to be completely prepared. Swimming safety is an integral part of owning and enjoying a backyard swimming pool. Of course, one of the best ways to ensure swimming safety is to teach your child how to swim at a young age. Not sure where to start? These tricks should help!

Toddlers (2-4 Years Old)
Believe it or not, two-year-olds are old enough to start learning how to swim! Start with a few ground rules. First, opt for a hat instead of sunglasses if needed, since eye contact is very important. Second, always explain what you are doing, and why. Third, provide a countdown before each action, and always follow through to build trust.

Young children benefit from simple activities like playing on the steps and blowing bubbles to become acclimated to the water. Give your child time to explore the entire step and gain confidence wandering around that small space, then sit down together and practice blowing bubbles into the water by taking deep breaths and exhaling with a pursed mouth into the water. Some children take to this process quicker than others, so don’t become discouraged if it takes a few attempts! Other techniques include kicking from the steps, picking up toys, and gently getting your child’s face wet.

Children Older than Four
If your child already has a base foundation for swimming and needs help developing more complex skills, get ready to teach arm strokes. Model how to mold hands like spoons, with fingers together and slightly scooped, and extend arms down to the waist and use each elbow to pull the arm up and around. Practice on dry land before heading into the water. The “Superman Glide” is another helpful stroke in which your child can push off the wall or step with hands straight over his head.

With a bit of practice and attention, your child will be safe and independent in the water in no time. To ensure you pool is clean year round in Florida visit Advanced Pool & Spa, Tampa pool repair service company.