Secrets to Teaching Children to Swim Safely

When the thermostat starts to creep above 75 degrees, children are immediately ready to jump in the pool and splash around. If you live in southern state, the swimming season comes earlier and lasts longer, so it’s important to be completely prepared. Swimming safety is an integral part of owning and enjoying a backyard swimming pool. Of course, one of the best ways to ensure swimming safety is to teach your child how to swim at a young age. Not sure where to start? These tricks should help!

Toddlers (2-4 Years Old)
Believe it or not, two-year-olds are old enough to start learning how to swim! Start with a few ground rules. First, opt for a hat instead of sunglasses if needed, since eye contact is very important. Second, always explain what you are doing, and why. Third, provide a countdown before each action, and always follow through to build trust.

Young children benefit from simple activities like playing on the steps and blowing bubbles to become acclimated to the water. Give your child time to explore the entire step and gain confidence wandering around that small space, then sit down together and practice blowing bubbles into the water by taking deep breaths and exhaling with a pursed mouth into the water. Some children take to this process quicker than others, so don’t become discouraged if it takes a few attempts! Other techniques include kicking from the steps, picking up toys, and gently getting your child’s face wet.

Children Older than Four
If your child already has a base foundation for swimming and needs help developing more complex skills, get ready to teach arm strokes. Model how to mold hands like spoons, with fingers together and slightly scooped, and extend arms down to the waist and use each elbow to pull the arm up and around. Practice on dry land before heading into the water. The “Superman Glide” is another helpful stroke in which your child can push off the wall or step with hands straight over his head.

With a bit of practice and attention, your child will be safe and independent in the water in no time. To ensure you pool is clean year round in Florida visit Advanced Pool & Spa, Tampa pool repair service company.

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