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Can Palm Trees Be Saved From Disease?

palm treesHuman beings aren’t the only ones on Earth prone to disease and injury. It is all too easy for trees to suffer from damaging diseases that can cause issues ranging from fungi to death. Palm tree services in particular have a certain set of needs that must be met in order to either prevent disease or support full recovery.

Why Do Palm Trees Get Sick?
Just as human illness derives from a myriad of sources, there is no one single cause of tree disease.

Too much or too little water can harm a palm tree for obvious reasons. Over-watering causes yellow and brown leaves that fall off before they are even dry, but dehydrated palm leaves become dry when they turn brown. The best way to ensure proper water supply for your palm tree is to use 30 percent sand in the soil for efficient drainage. Since palms grow in the summer, lighten up on watering during the winter months.

The wrong fertilizer applications can also cause damage that leads to disease. Low quality fertilizer, for instance, lacks the nutrients necessary to provide a palm tree with healthy development and leaves the tree susceptible to diseases. But when you do apply high quality fertilizer, don’t do so within two feet of the palm’s trunk to avoid fertilizer burn, which weakens the palm’s ability to fight disease, fungi, and insects.

Other issues like climate, sun exposure, drought, and over-pruning leave palms vulnerable and hurt as well. It’s important to only plant palm trees that can survive in your environment, which explains why you probably won’t see many palm trees on your next visit to Pennsylvania or Vermont.

Can Diseased Trees Be Saved?
It’s possible that you tried your best, but your tree still succumbed to disease. Your best option is to call a Tampa landscaping company professional or arborist, who will be able to diagnose your problem and recommend the best solution.

Unfortunately, some palm trees cannot be saved. There are certain airborne fungal infections, for instance, that are essentially a death sentence for palm trees. Your best bet is to call in an expert and see what options exist.