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How Important is Water Filtration?

Clean running water is something that many people across the country take for granted as they wash their dishes, brush their teeth, and take their showers. But the truth is that reliably clean and accessible water has only been a widespread privilege within the last century or two. As cities become bigger and suburbs expand, plumbing systems across the country have had to keep up and not only provide water round the clock but also clean and purify that water for human consumption.

Given the extensive amount of pollution on our Earth that ranges from chemical waste and acid rain to fossil fuel exhaust, everybody should be cautious when it comes to making assumptions about water quality and safety. A water filter is an incredibly simple and affordable way to guarantee that you and your family members are drinking water that is safe and free of all contaminants.

Water Filters Explained

water filtration

Incredibly enough, the first water filters were designed about 4,000 years ago. Today’s modern versions are far more sophisticated than the cloth sleeves used in ancient Greece.

Filters use something called a ‘filter media’ to block contaminants from passing through with the water. There are many types of medias but carbon medias are the most frequently used since they can remove a higher proportion of contaminants. This is the same concept that plumbers use to recommend new Clearwater water softeners to homeowners.

As water flows through a carbon media filter, the bonds of the water contaminants actually break apart and the molecules bond with the carbon instead of with the water’s hydrogen and oxygen. If you’ve ever used a Brita filter you are probably familiar with the length of time it takes to complete just one cycle of filtered water. This length of time can be attributed to the care it takes to strip water of its many impurities.

Some other methods of purification, like distillation and reverse osmosis, produce water that is free of contaminants but also free of valuable minerals. In fact, filtration is one of just three forms of water purification that is proven to effectively remove dangerous VOCs and chlorine from water without removing minerals as well.

Finding the Right Filter

Filters can be found to work on large and small scales. Brita filters and other pitcher-sized systems are most popular for families because they can stay in the fridge or be fitted over a faucet for effective use that isn’t intrusive or too expensive. Talk to your Clearwater plumber to determine the exact needs of your home based on your water quality.